NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Sorry, Millennials, but even the cars your parents shuttled you to school in are being left behind.

There are still a whole lot of people looking for 1990s cars, but that number decreases with each passing year. Mark Williams, analyst for Kelley Blue Book, did some digging and found that vehicles from the ’90s are on a consistent decline, which he doesn’t find at all surprising.

“As new model years are introduced to the market, the older model years are being suppressed and yield less interest,” he says. “For example, the most shopped 1990s models are 1999, 1998, 1997, respectively.”

They’re not exactly Those ’90s Cars, either. Williams pulled up the Top 25 cars from the 1990s searched on Kelley Blue Book and came up with the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Mustang and Toyota Corolla among the Top 10. Much of that group’s current models are still among the best sellers in the U.S. In fact, discontinued rarities such as the Chevy Blazer, Saturn S-Series and Cadillac DeVille scarcely crack the Top 20.

“You’ll notice the list is primarily comprised of trucks, performance vehicles and off-road types, with the exception of your volume leaders [such as] Toyota and Honda,” he says. “It’s a very different list if you look at newer models, as you’ll see more utility vehicles and sedans in the mix.”

So, much like Fruit Stripe Gum and episodes of Clarissa Explains It All, ’90s vehicles are continuing their steady slide from general consciousness to BuzzFeed lists to the seldom-explored recesses of memory. There are a few vehicles of that era that still merit an inquiry every so often, though. We spoke with the folks at KBB and used car pricing site CarGurus and came up with the 10 cars from the ’90s that anyone cares about in great numbers anymore: