After three days of fanfare and festivities, the first cars roll onto the auction block Tuesday at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, starting with a slate of oddities and modest, blue-collar cars with prices that typically start around a few thousand dollars.

The car auction starts at 2 p.m., with a live television broadcast starting at 4 p.m. on Velocity Network (channel 1077 on Cox, channel 281 on DirecTV). There’s also a live stream online at

Here’s a look at several of the most interesting cars expected to be part of Tuesday’s action.

1975 Clarkat Luggage Tug

A four-cylinder, propane powered car for carrying baggage to and from airplanes. The unusual vehicle is set to be the first auctioned at Barrett-Jackson this year.

1925 Ford Model T Roadster

Ford’s relatively-affordable Model T made automobiles accessible to the masses, selling for less than $300 in 1925. This one was restored to the original specs, with black lacquer paint, black interior and a soft top, according to the seller.

1948 Crosley CC “beach wagon”

This Crosley station wagon has a beige exterior with simulated wood panels and a roof-mounted luggage rack. It runs on a four-cylinder manual transmission.

1957 Cushman Mailster

This three-wheeler spent its former life as a mail-delivery vehicle in Arizona. The car has been restored and has a three-speed manual transmission.

1952 Willys military jeep

This car, formerly on display at a museum, comes with an old U.S. Army radio, a display-only Browning .50 caliber machine gun and a trailer.

1956 Hudson Metropolitan convertible

This small convertible pulls a trailer that is a smaller replica of itself. Under the trailer’s hood is a beverage cooler, and the trunk opens to a gas grill, making it perfectly suited for tailgating.

1931 Dodge Brothers four-door sedan

This classic car went through a full restoration five years ago and features a six-cylinder, three-speed manual transmission.

1981 Delorean DMC-12

The car made famous by “Back to the Future,” this all-original Delorean has fewer than 13,000 original miles and has been tested to reach 60 miles per hour in 10.5 seconds.

1960 Goggomobil TS 400

This diminutive coupe features new paint, new interior and doors that open from the front instead of the back as on a typical car. The engine runs on just two cylinders.

2008 McKinney Top Fuel Dragster

Top Fuel racer Doug Herbert’s dragster last raced on Father’s Day 2013 in Bristol, Tenn. It can reach a top speed of 330 mph. The car is being sold to benefit Herbert’s Brakes Foundation for teen driver education.