2015 Acura TLX Is Not For Pussies, Acura Marketing Department SaysS

Hey brah! ‘Sup, brah. You like karate-chopping bricks? Dropping the mic on purpose? Crushing your boss’s NCAA bracket? Puking at your sister’s wedding? Have we got the car for you: the 2015 Acura TLX! No, for real, brah.

Acura unveiled their new marketing campaign for the sedan that replaces the TL and TSX, and it doesn’t mince words: The Official Vehicle of Everything Thrilling. Everything Thrilling, you guys. The Acura TLX.

The ads are tied in to the NCAA tournament and will air on ESPN and on non-Deadspin website Bleacher Report, so it’s fairly obvious who this car is aimed at: young men who aren’t pussies. The ads call it “The official vehicle of destroying your boss’s bracket” and compare the thrill of driving the TLX to “staring into a wolf’s eyes.”

And here’s what they’ve been saying on The Twitter:

You know what? While I have been a pretty harsh critic of the 2015 TLX so far because of its nap-inducing design and its adherence to the same formula that has left Acura struggling for sedan sales, I’m a fan of this camapign.

No, really! I’m a fan. I think it’s clever and ridiculous and funny, and maybe even a little self-deprecating in a fun way, considering how boring the brand has become. Good for Acura for trying something different, right? I think it’s in the same vein as the Seinfeld-aided Acura MDX campaign from last year, and I found those spots to be generally hilarious.

I just hope for Acura’s sake that the TLX can live up to the crazy, mic-dropping, wolf-baiting, fish-grabbing standards established by their marketing department. Everyone wants to see Acura make truly thrilling cars. Maybe this will be it.

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