Forty-eight people were evacuated from two cars that became stranded on the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway Sunday afternoon.

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Greg Keeler, of Cannon Mountain, said employees could see the tram suspended about 40 feet off the ground from the parking lot and the highway.

He said 41 people were on board the lower car, and seven people were in the top car.

Keeler said people were rappelled down from the tram.

WMUR Escape Outside editor Paula Tracy was one of the people stranded on the tram and was evacuated before 4:45 p.m.

“It was a bit harrowing, especially to be lowered from the floor of the tram on a cable,” said Tracy.

Tracy said there were 41 people in her car. She said they felt a “severe jolt” before the tram stopped.

She said everyone was very calm and that people did not panic, although “there was a little bit of screaming.”

She said most of the people on board were adults, primarily skiers.

Tracy said George and Sabrina Lewis, along with their au pair, Paula, and their 8-month-old daughter Remy, were there to sightsee rather than to ski.

Tracy said George and Sabrina Lewis were wearing jeans. She also said the head of lift operations, who was on board the tram, gave her coat to Remy. The family was among the first to be evacuated from the car.

Those evacuated were given blankets and were inside the terminal getting hot food. They will be taken down the mountain by snowcat.

Cannon Mountain vouchers are being given to everyone affected in this incident.

Keler said he believes the cars stopped due to a service brake issue. Both cars got stuck about 50 feet from their respective terminals.

Keeler they do not believe the cold was a factor and that the tram was running without issues in colder temperatures earlier in the day.