84 Percent of Americans Have Hooked Up in Cars, Study Finds – The Drive

Posted: Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Want to know what kind of car you’re the most likely to get lucky in? It looks like the preferred vehicle for Baby Boomers is a good old-fashioned sedan while millennials and Gen-Xers prefer the space and versatility of an SUV. Presumably, Boomers like sedans because of old American cars’ bench seats, which were practically the size of mattresses, and probably more accommodating for love than modern sedans.

As for preferred brands, big-volume brands are the most popular, probably due to their sheer ubiquity in the United States. Ford was the most commonly loved-in car and Lincoln came in dead last. Incidentally, Lincolns produce satisfying results, returning the highest satisfaction rate of any vehicle manufacturer with Cadillac tied for second with Audi. This is a big win for American luxury cars. It’s probably the first time Lincoln has ever been called one of the sexiest car brands in the industry.


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