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Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2015

Volla now has over 100 vehicles, including “junkers,” on the property he shares with his wife, Tammy, and their youngest child south of Mayville. The cars are housed in over 22,000 square feet of storage space in three buildings adjacent to the farm family’s home.

The 30-some cars in best condition are parked in a modified Lester building finished in 2009 with the help of the late Dennis Unterseher, a former employee and family friend.

When you walk into the building, it takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. Shiny, colorful classic cars neatly line the main floor. The walls are covered with road, garage and bar signs. Toys and inflatables dangle from the ceiling. To the right, a staircase leads to five collection rooms built around the side.

“He keeps everything, as you can see,” Tammy says, “but it’s very well-organized.”

Thanks to Steve’s careful curation, everything has a place, and everything has a story.

There’s the pink Challenger he gave Tammy for their 25th wedding anniversary, the tricked-out Cheap Trick truck with seats autographed by the band, the twin-hemi “school bus” a retired couple made from scratch.

Tammy tells the story of the kids using the Cheap Trick truck for an end-of-the-year party, cranking up the tunes on the stereo and turning on the flashing lights and fogger for effect.

“A couple of the parents who came to get their kids thought the police were here,” she says.

“The dream police,” Steve retorts.

The cars only come out for special occasions (i.e., the party bus for a family wedding) or for car shows. Otherwise, people who want to see them have to head to Mayville. The Vollas don’t advertise tours, but visitors come from car-collecting circles and through word of mouth.

That’s how they modify their collection, too.

Steve has bought cars in various conditions — some that need full restoration, some halfway done and some finished. “Lately, the last few cars I’ve bought have been completely done,” he says. “It takes a lot of time just to maintain them.”

The Vollas’ collection extends beyond unique, rare and valuable vehicles. The rooms upstairs are filled with Coca-Cola memorabilia, John Deere tractors, dolls, Hot Wheels and more, carefully arranged on the walls and in custom-fit display cases lit by halogen lights.

Room by room, Steve is happy to show guests around and answer questions.

“That’s why he did it — he loves sharing it,” Tammy says.


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