Aston Martin DB11 V8 review: suave British aristocrat gets a fiery … –

Posted: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

TESTED 3,983cc twin-turbo V8, eight-speed automatic geabox, rear-wheel drive  

PRICE/ON SALE from £144,900now (first deliveries in November)

POWER/TORQUE 503bhp @ 6,000rpm/513lb ft @ 2,000rpm

TOP SPEED 187mph

ACCELERATION 0-62mph in 4.0sec

FUEL ECONOMY 28.5mpg (EU Combined), on test 19mpg

CO2 EMISSIONS 230g/km VED (£1,700 then £140 plus £310 luxury tax for five years, then £140)

VERDICT Despite the use of an engine shipped in from AMG, this new version of the DB11 is a genuinely great car to drive. It rides well, looks wonderful and is powerful and charismatic. Some will still want the extra cylinders and cachet of the V12, but this is every inch an Aston.  

TELEGRAPH RATING Four stars out of five


Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R, from £143,260

The AMG GT starts at just under £100,000, but for the moment this R is the apogee of the range. It’s brutish to look at but faster, lighter and accelerates harder than the Aston. But it’s also a bit of a handful, especially with the rear-wheel steering. The standard car is better and less scary. Click here for our full GT R review.

Audi R8, from £123,350

A rare thing, a practical and less than terrifying mid-engined supercar. The R8 is an elephant in the room here and that’s not just Aston Martin, its chassis balance and composure defies belief together, as does its long-distance ability. Its naturally-aspirated V10 and twin-clutch gearbox are terrific. Click here for our full R8 review.


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