Aston Martin is preparing to release what it says could be the most extreme road car yet.

The AM-RB 001 is the product of a collaboration between it and the Red Bull Grand Prix team and especially its legendary aerodynamicist, Adrian Newey, who used his experience in designing multiple championship winning F1 cars in the Aston.

The car has been seen in prototype form at the factory in Warwickshire where it will be built but later this month will get its first airing at a public car show when it is displayed at the Canadian International Auto Show.

The Aston Martin-Red Bull concept hypercar AM-RB 001 is being built in a British factory
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Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer poses with the display model of the AM-RB 001
(Photo: Reuters)

Like the ground-breaking McLaren F1, which was built in the mid-1990s and also designed by a former F1 genius, Gordon Murray, the Aston Martin is intended to be used on the road and the racetrack.

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It too will be powered by a V12 and with the car’s lightweight construction the company says it could achieve a power to weight ratio of 1:1, or one brake horse power to one kilo.

The prototype of the much anticipated car will go on display in Canada later this month

While its ultimate top speed will presumably be on the far side of 250 mph – the McLaren did more than 240 more than 20 years ago and Bugatti also has its Chiron hypercar waiting in the wings, which is said to be good for around 260 mph – Adrian Newey said that the AM-RB 001 will be marked out by unprecedented amounts of downforce for a road car.

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The AM-RB 001 is expected to reach speeds in excess of 250mph

He said: “I’ve long harboured the desire to design a road car. The formation of Red Bull Advanced Technologies brought me a step closer to realising that ambition, but I believed we should work with an automotive manufacturer and Aston Martin was at the top of my list.

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“The synergy between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin is clear. I knew Red Bull Racing had the ability to handle the pure performance aspects, but Aston Martin’s experience of making beautiful, fast and comfortable GT cars is of great benefit to the project.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer peers down the lines of a display model of the AM-RB 001
(Photo: Reuters)
Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer poses with the display model of the AM-RB 001, the price of which has not yet been revealed
(Photo: Reuters)

“I’ve always been adamant that the AM-RB 001 should be a true road car that’s also capable of extreme performance on track, and this means it really has to be a car of two characters. That’s the secret we’re trying to put into this car – the technology that allows it to be docile and comfortable, but with immense outright capabilities.”

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There are likely to be between 99 and 150 of the cars made and they will go on sale next year
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Between 99 and 150 cars will be made with deliveries starting next year and although the price tag has yet to be confirmed it is safe to assume that if you need to ask you can’t afford it.