Aston Martin Vanquish S: Phenomenal – a last triumphant blast from a fast-disappearing breed –

Posted: Tuesday, January 03, 2017

At 1.74 tonnes, there’s a lot for the brakes to slow into corners, and while these carbon-ceramic anchors are more than up to the job, with the bonus of an admirably sensitive pedal, the heat build-up is fantastic. Similarly, there’s a slight delay as the tyres and steering take up the argument with the V12 about which one of them is steering the car. No, this isn’t a nose-on understeering monster, but it’s a front-engined GT with a more measured response to the steering than something with the engine behind the driver.

On wider roads with open corners, where size and weight aren’t quite such issues, the Vanquish S is a phenomenon; a last triumphal blast from a fast-disappearing breed.

In any level playing field contest the recent DB11 is the better car, almost as fast and more comfortable, better handling, more efficient and with a much nicer interior, but the Vanquish S is special in a way that car will never be. It shrieks its song from a time when Aston punched its way out from under Ford’s yoke with a name as modern as the hour and redolent of careless riches, glamour, sex and high-speed adventure.

At ¬£199,950 it’s all glorious excess, but we’ll not see the like (or the sound) of it again.

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