Audi Vs Genesis: Whose Grille Is It Anyway? – Forbes

Posted: Sunday, January 01, 2017

Korean automakers were notorious for copying established rival automakers’ vehicles as they clawed their way into world markets. But for sister companies, Hyundai and Kia, the days of blatant knock-off designs seemed to be behind them, as they produced modern, well-engineered vehicles in recent years.

However when it comes to Hyundai’s new premium offshoot division, Genesis, it seems that some design aspects just had to be ‘inspired’ by others. Witness the grille design of the G90, the latest full-size flagship sedan from Korea hoping to join the upper echelons of the car market.


Peas in a pod? The Genesis G90 grille (left) seems mighty close in design to that on the Audi Q7. (John McCormick photo)

Seen next to an Audi Q7, the similarities in grille design are striking. Admittedly inverted hexagon shaped grilles are commonplace in the industry these days, but wouldn’t it be good to see a newcomer to the premium car club try something a little more original?


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