BART is testing new trains that are designed to fit more people. Take a look inside the new BART trains.

Media: Michael Macor

BART’s brand spanking new electric train cars tried their very hardest on Monday to work like they were supposed to.

It’s not easy being the new kid on the block. What BART proved Monday during its gala test of its “train of the future” was that it’s a very good thing that the trains come with a full two-year factory warranty.

Monday was demonstration day, and reporters and other guests hopped aboard the factory-fresh leviathan for a 27-minute meander through the East Bay.

The new train lurched, jerked, ran behind schedule and stopped on a siding to catch its breath.

“Blurrp,” said the train, as it pulled into South Hayward station 22 minutes late for its special preview run to Bay Fair and back. Most BART trains say “beep” but change is life.