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Posted: Tuesday, August 15, 2017


The Dodge Viper is among the most valued collectible cars from the 1992 model year; it’s both a sound investment and a great ride to the to a 25-year reunion.

The year 1992 certainly had its highlights and lowlights. A gallon of gasoline cost $1.05 and the average new car sold for $16,950. Bill Clinton was elected President, Minneapolis’ Mall of America opened, and riots broke out in Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdict. Americans headed to the movies to watch Sister Act, The Bodyguard, and Basic Instinct, and propped their kids in front of the television to watch Barney for the first time on public television.

In the vehicular world, things were looking up after a prolonged period of fuel-economy, emissions, and safety-regulation induced malaise, and automakers were once again producing some kick-ass performance cars.

And now, those who are a quarter-century removed from high school or college are returning to their vehicular roots and are snapping up a small, but admirable, cadre of collectible cars from back when Windows 3.1 was considered state-of-the-art. According to, any of them would not only make an ideal inroad into the world of collectible cars for Generation-Xers, but they’re guaranteed to turn heads at a 25th  anniversary reunion.

“Representing a broad spectrum of domestic and import makes and models, this list identifies cars that are showing significant signs of appreciation on the market,” says Andy Reid,’s East Coast editor and analyst. “These cars represent a new segment of the collector car hobby, which emphasizes models from the ’80s and ’90s.”

Models that were just being introduced for the 1992 model year include the Chrysler Concorde and Dodge Intrepid sedans, the questionable Kia Sephia subcompact, and the family minded Mercury Villager minivan, neither of which will you find on Classic’s hot list of up-and-coming collectibles. Instead, here’s the web site’s list of rising vehicular stars that hail from an era when America Online ruled the Internet:

1992 Acura NSX: The low-slung NSX was hailed as an exotic car for the masses when it debuted for the 1992 model year. Back then it turned heads and drew a crowd wherever it was parked and it still looks cool today. Though it lasted for eight years in this initial generation, only 7,421 units were sold, which ensures an enduring element of exclusivity.

1992 BMW M3: Essentially a racing version of the 3 Series coupe that had been modestly tamed for street use, the 1992 version comes from the first-generation M3, which was quick and insanely nimble in a “pure” sort of way; it was available in sedan, coupe, and convertible versions. A 1995 redesign rendered the M3 more civilized and sophisticated and set the tone for softer M variants that would follow.


The 1992 Toyota MR2’s value is rising as interest in 1980’s and 1990’s begins to soar among collectors.

1992 Dodge Viper: Finally reaching the end of the line this year after a 25-year run, the venomous Viper helped bring the sputtering Chrysler Corporation back to prominence in an age when its best-selling models were minivans and so-called K-cars. It was a handful to drive and required certain sacrifices be made in terms of comfort, but its throaty exhaust note punctuated its rip-roaring V10 engine perfectly. Only 285 Vipers were built for 1992, which makes it especially valuable as a collectible.


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