Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

I struggle with BMW drivers.

You might think it’s irrational.

And I might point to scientific studies that conclude BMW drivers are, well, jerks.

Occasionally, I’ve wondered what BMW itself thinks about this.

Perhaps it doesn’t care.

Or perhaps it even likes it.

I conclude this from new ads the company has released.

They show, oh, men who so love their BMW that nothing else really matters.

Their lover, for example.

Here’s a romantic scene with a man and a woman holding hands along the beach.

Except the man is still in his car, rolling along beside her.

Does that make you admire the man?

Or does it make your bottom lip turn down until it touches your chest as you mumble the British phrase: “What a wally“?

Of course, this ad is supposed to be funny. Is it, though, self-deprecating?

The message might just be: “Yes, we’re jerks, but women just love a jerk, don’t they? Ho. Ho. Ho.”

And how odd that the drivers in the ads are all men.

Can’t BMW be bothered to sell to women? Does it really want its core user to be seen as a self-centered, entitled — may I reach for British vernacular again? — tosser?

Why, here’s another ad in the campaign. A father is walking his daughter down the aisle, except that, oh, you already got there, didn’t you?

No, he wasn’t even intelligent enough to make sure the aisle was wide enough for his big, fat BMW.

The message here, according to BMW, is: “You’ll never want to stop driving.”

Which somehow gets translated in my ears as: “You’ll never stop being a jerk. You’ll never even want to stop. And people will find you so endearing for it.”

Perhaps these are our times.

Our look-at-me-aren’t-I-great-oh-stuff-everyone-else times.

Our I-have-great-emotional-intelligence-believe-me times.

Me? These are my sit-and-sigh times.