Cars talking to each other? Believe it – CNBC

Posted: Tuesday, January 05, 2016

As we pulled out into traffic on Paradise Boulevard in Las Vegas, the modified Audi immediately let me know this would be a far different ride than I’ve experienced my entire life.

The Audi SUV, modified with the latest technology from auto supplier Delphi, communicated with other cars, traffic lights and even alerted us when a pedestrian was near the street so we could avoid an accident.

Delphi calls it Vehicle to Everything technology.

And soon, some of this technology will change how we drive and how our cars and trucks handle situations that often lead to crashes and deadly accidents.

“You’ll be able to communicate with the car and get information through a screen in the car,” explained Ryan Middleton, the software team leader for Delphi.

Middleton sat in the back street as we rode a pre-arranged course that showed how Delphi envisions the future of driving.

Software sensors and cameras in car allow it to continually send and receive information.


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