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Posted: Saturday, July 29, 2017

Paint-splattered jeans and a moth-eaten ski hat won’t do when rocking a Chiron or Veyron around town. Here’s a selection of just some of the ultra-fine apparel Bugatti offers enthusiasts of this already-classic machine. Go forth.

Blue striped blazer $3,389


Blue Striped Blazer

The blue striped design isn’t for everyone, but the right fellow with the right attitude will evoke a Gatsby-era style, minus the fictional character’s fatal flaws, of course. It’s a tailored, single-breasted blazer with four buttons at each sleeve cuff and four inside pockets. Two flap pockets even out your look and Bugatti’s “Dancing Elephant” patterned lining and peak lapels complete this luxurious and elegant piece identifying you with the finest of the fine without having to scream it. As a precious detail, it also includes a sterling silver pin of the Dancing Elephant icon under the lapel.


Blue Striped Blazer lining

Duotone Chiron Leather Jacket $4200


Duotone Leather Jacket

Featuring rich, deep, delicious colors, the Chiron Driving Jacket belongs to the Chiron “capsule collection.” The inspired quilting on your back is a nod to the Chiron seats and the duotone effect elsewhere is a guaranteed evoker of “Where DID you get that coat?” The polished metallic lining, the luxurious silver hardware and the distinctive horseshoe shape pull it together, creating a singular outerwear piece you’ll keep for decades.


Duotone leather jacket rear

Montecarlo Knitted Cardigan in Blue $1,400


Knitted cardigan in blue

Cardigans have been rocked by Mister Rogers, Kurt Cobain and Perry Como, reason enough to throw down for this absolutely gorgeous blue knitted treasure. The exquisitely designed, detail-rich garment includes two pockets, a frontal closure with exclusively embroidered buttons and a tone-on-tone satin collar. You’ll be tempted to wear it to work, to the gym, to the supermarket and to the lumber yard – but don’t. It’s 100% Polypropylen, too.


Cardigan in blue

Duotone EB Monogram Sunglasses $560


Chiron Sunglasses

The photo says it all – these are some boss square-framed sunglasses from the Chiron capsule collection with the all-over monogram EB pattern. Equipped with a blue leather pouch with a frontal Chiron logo and an accompanying cloth with the front print of the Chiron car and logo, your friends will have to leave you alone for a couple of days until you get all the selfies out of your system. Better yet, buy ‘em for someone you have a crush on or who has done you a particularly helpful favor.


Bugatti Chiron Sunglasses

Montecarlo Soft Shell Vest in Bugatti Blue $1,752


Bugatti Montecarlo Vest

This soft shell vest is part of the Montecarlo-inspired capsule collection that only includes 431 pieces – recalling the speed record, for those in the know. Distinguished by the iconic Bugatti blue, it is enriched and made unique with a white alligator high collar, and thanks to the full central zipped closure and two zipped side pockets, it’s functional as well as comfortable. The singular design is completed by two internal pockets with press button closure and an internal Bugatti tag.


Bugatti Montecarlo Vest rear

Suede Dark Blue Bomber Jacket $2,863


Bugatti Suede Bomber Jacket

Also a limited edition with 431 total pieces made, this suede jacket fits any season or social occasion – or your motorcycle when you’re not behind the wheel of your Bugatti – via a sophisticated dark blue nuance. With its full-zip closure, two exterior zipped pockets, button collar closure, comfortable elasticated cuffs and hemline, you’re bound to feel hugged while just wearing it out and about, and two inner pockets hold your essentials.


Bugatti Chiron Bomber Jacket



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