Chevy’s 238-mile promise a game changer for electric cars – CNBC

Posted: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

After months of General Motors executives promising their new Chevy Bolt will change the perception, and appeal, of electric cars, the company says the Bolt is ready to deliver on that promise.

The automaker says the 2017 Bolt EV will have an EPA estimated range of 238 miles on a full charge.

“The Chevy Bolt is a game changer for the electric car segment,” said Alan Batey, GM North America President.

Whether or not the Bolt’s range can jump start America’s interest in electric cars, remains to be seen. Over the last ten years, auto executives, including many at General Motors, have touted full electric and extended-range electric models that would make consumers trade in their gasoline powered cars and crossovers for battery powered models. For the most part, those models have failed to electrify excitement with consumers.

The GM Chevy Volt is a good example.

Shortly after coming out of bankruptcy, GM executives said they expected to sell 40,000 Volts a year. That never happened.

In fact, the Volt’s best years for sales were 2012 and 2013 when sales topped out at roughly 23,000 vehicles.

GM believes the Bolt is different because it will offer more than 200 miles range fully charged and will have an estimated starting price of $37,000 before the $7,500 federal tax rebate is applied. The automaker will announce the official price of the Bolt later this year shortly before the car goes on sale.


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