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Posted: Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Customers complained to Channel 2 Action News saying say a local dealership is selling cars without proper titles.

Samuel Buckner says he bought his 2006 Range Rover from United Motor Cars on Main Street in Snellville.

Buckner said he paid the dealer $4,000 plus worked out a financing deal. After his temporary tags expired, he went to get a tag for his car, but the car dealership never produced the title so he was unable to do so.

The SUV currently sits in his Newton County driveway and he can’t drive it.

“They tell us ‘I am going to send my title lady down and get it tagged.’  This was on June 20,” Buckner told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman.  “I am very angry,” Buckner said. 

Since then, Buckner says he’s called the dealer numerous times to try to get the situation worked out but has not been able to get the dealer to transfer title.

Buckner filled out a criminal warrant application and says he has a hearing against the owner on Wednesday.

Buckner is not the only customer who has taken to the courts, according to records.

Shon Bayne also recently filed a civil lawsuit. Bayne says he bought a Camaro from United Motor Cars earlier this year. Bayne says he paid $5,500 and worked out a financing deal.

“We had it over 30 days and never received a title. I called to make a payment, they told me they (the loaner) couldn’t take payment because they don’t have a title for it,” Bayne said.

Bayne said when he called the dealership to complain, his car was re-possessed in the middle of the night at his house. 
“He (my son) came up and woke me up and said my car is gone,” Bayne said. 

Bayne said he never received his money back or a new car.

Snellville police say they’ve received about a half-a-dozen complaints in the last two months about the dealership. They are still currently investigating one of those complaints.

In that case, a woman claims she paid a $9,000 down payment, made two car payments and her Cadillac Escalade was still re-possessed. 

Tiesha Anderson says the repo happened while she was parked outside of a hospital during her daughter’s surgery.

When Channel 2 Action News went to the dealership on Monday, Stockman was told the owner was not available. An employee who answered the phone said she would pass on a message.

“Life is like this. People complain. It could be a misunderstanding,” a car dealership employee told Stockman.


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