Dealership Roof Collapse Ends In Massive Audi-valanche

I’ll be the first to admit that what you’re looking at looks completely fake. But it isn’t. It’s a screengrab from a BBC video. The roof-top parking lot of an Audi dealership in the British city of Milton Keynes just completely caved in, sending approximately 20 cars crashing down into a mountain of cars below.

Somewhat incredibly, no one at all was injured when upwards of 12 tons of car began to fall onto workers’ heads below, according to The Guardian:


“It is a significant structural collapse, about a third of the 200m by 100m roof, which we believe is used to store cars, has collapsed into the ground floor and about 10 cars are involved,” the spokesman [from Milton Keynes fire and rescue] said. “Everyone has been accounted for and there are no injuries. Firefighters have been making the scene safe and gas and electricity has been isolated.

Even better, it also sounds as if the dealership’s stayed open after, you know, the GODDAMN ROOF COLLAPSED on their service area.

No word, however, on whether or not they’re all wearing hard hats now.

H/t to James!

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