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Posted: Saturday, June 25, 2016

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Americans are having a falling out with fuel-efficient cars and are favoring, once again, gas-guzzling cars, despite the Obama administration’s continued push against climate change.

According to the New York Times, consumers are flocking to SUVs, pick-up trucks and bigger cars rather than hybrids and fuel-efficient cars as gas prices continue to drop, leading to the renewed interest in cars that fell out of favor amid soaring fuel costs at the beginning of the Obama presidency.

Thus far in 2016, about 75 percent of those who have traded in a fuel-efficient car (i.e.: hybrid or electric car) to a dealer have done so in favor of an all-gas vehicle — an 18 percent jump from 2015.

Sales of SUVs began to fall in 2008, when gas sat at $4 a gallon, leading the administration to make a push for fuel-efficient automobiles. Today, only 442,000 fuel-efficient cars are on the roadways — less than half of President Obama’s 2008 stated goal of one million.

So far this year, nearly 75 percent of the people who have traded in a hybrid or electric car to a dealer have replaced it with an all-gas car, an 18 percent jump from 2015.

The renewed interest in big cars hurts the U.S.’s chances of attaining the goals set forth in the Paris climate agreement, which was struck between the U.S. and 194 other nations in December. To reach the goals of the agreement, average fuel economy would need to rise to 100 miles-per-gallon. By contrast, the U.S.’s current average fuel economy is 25.4, with Obama calling for that to increase to 54.5 by 2025.

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