Ford ousts CEO as auto industry faces biggest transformation ever – Los Angeles Times

Posted: Monday, May 22, 2017

In the latest sign that driverless cars and other revolutionary new technologies are shaking automakers to their roots, the chief executive of Ford Motor Co. just got tossed.

The replacement of Mark Fields with Jim Hackett, who had been running a new unit focused on cutting-edge transportation, is a big deal for Ford. But with the auto industry in upheaval, it’s only the opening act in a long-running drama that will roil the automakers for many years to come.

“The demise of Mark Fields represents the challenge facing the auto industry in general – how do you keep doing your traditional business while you move into self-driving cars and vehicle connectivity and car sharing and ride sharing?” said Bill Hampton, editor in chief at Auto Beat Daily, an industry publication based in Detroit.

“You don’t see any established car company in any country that has this thing figured out,” he said.


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