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Posted: Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Ferrari has unleashed its GTC4Lusso, a four-seat supercar coupe. The hatchback claims speeds of zero to 60 in 3.4 seconds, with a top speed of 208 mph.

Comforts include wraparound sports seats, a dual cockpit concept and a 10-inch high-definition touch screen. It’s also got four-wheel drive with rear-wheel steering — a first for Ferrari. Deliveries for the car, which is expected to sell for roughly $300,000, start in the U.S. in the fourth quarter.

Rolls-Royce has launched its new Black Badge brand, blacking out its cars in an effort to give them “attitude.” It’s doing so as a means of attracting a new customer base: millennials.

“They are a group of young, self-empowered, self-confident rule-breakers,” Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said.

The revitalized Rolls-Royce even features mood lighting. The black starlight headliner is reflected around the cabin to create an atmospheric ambiance.

So far, the global slowdown hasn’t caused luxury automakers to pull back on production, and customers are holding up as well. Last year, sales of cars priced at $150,000 or more doubled to more than 4,800, according to auto research firm Truecar.

“Many people are putting their assets in cars,” Müller-Ötvös said. “I wouldn’t say the world is doom and gloom. I’m still quietly confident for a good year in 2016.”


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