Honda begins production of Acura TLX today – Columbus Dispatch

Posted: Monday, July 14, 2014

Honda begins mass production of the Acura TLX today in Marysville with the hope that the new
sedan will invigorate the luxury brand.

The model will arrive at dealerships in August with a base price of $30,995.

TLX replaces two other sedans in the Acura lineup, the TL and the TSX, both of which are winding
down this year.

The new model is being built on the same Ohio assembly lines that make the Honda Accord.

Honda unveiled a preliminary version of the TLX in January at the North American International
Auto Show in Detroit and then introduced the production version at the in April at the New York
International Auto Show.

“The start of mass production of the TLX marks a new era for our Acura sedan lineup,” Mike
Accavitti, senior vice president and general manager of Acura, said in a statement. “The TLX is
built in a world-class facility with a world class workforce and we can’t wait to get this
thrilling sedan into the hands of our customers in just a few short weeks.”

Acura has had success in recent years with its SUV models, while its sedan sales have

TL sales peaked in 2005 at 78,218 and had fallen to 24,318 last year. TSX, initially marketed as
a sportier cousin of the TL, peaked in 2006 with sales of 38,035 and had fallen to 17,484 last

The TLX will serve as the mid-size option in Acura’s sedan lineup, larger than the ILX and
smaller than the RLX.



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