Keeping it real: how they filmed the SPECTRE car chase –

Posted: Sunday, October 04, 2015

A unique, priceless Aston
clatters at terrifying speed down a 40-foot flight of steps
in historic Rome. It slides around narrow cobbled streets and through
epic piazzas, then tears along the banks of the Tiber at well above
100mph. All the while it’s chased at close quarters by a Jaguar
C-X75 supercar.

Taking place over 17 nights, this is filming for the new James Bond
movie SPECTRE. And the stunts definitely aren’t faked.

Aston Martin actually made 10 examples of the “unique” DB10:
a pair for itself, plus eight for the film. There are two “hero
cars”, to look good in close-up shots; two stunt cars fitted with
race seats and roll cages; two “stunt gadget cars”, with
a complex pneumatic mechanism in the boot for deploying the hidden
guns; and the final pair are bizarre-looking “pod cars”,
with a steel cage on the roof, from which a stunt man can do the
actual driving, while Daniel Craig is filmed at the wheel.

“I sat down with Aston Martin and came out with a menu of what
I wanted and why, says the film’s action vehicle technical
coordinator, Neil Layton. “They did cough a bit when I asked for
eight cars and 20 nose cones.”

It wasn’t just Aston Martin who needed persuading. Gary Powell,
stunt co-ordinator, says: “No-one had used Rome on this scale
before. We had a meeting with the mayor to tell him our plans and had
to pick him up off the floor.”

It’s all because the stunts have to be real: no CGI, no jump cuts,
explains Layton. “Gary is a strong believer, along with Sam
[Mendes, the movie’s director], in doing it for real. That way, the
movements are right – even the way an actor’s shirt collar flaps.”


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