Massive $23 million auto insurance fraud was an intricate operation – Sun Sentinel

Posted: Sunday, October 15, 2017

When the feds started scrutinizing two men accused of running a massive $23 million auto insurance fraud at chiropractic clinics in South Florida, their defense attorneys say investigators had a theory the ringleaders were part of the Russian mob.

The two men, arrested this month, had much in common – they emigrated from Ukraine and became U.S. citizens more than 20 years ago, settling into South Florida’s Orthodox Jewish community.

Felix Filenger was the flashy one who drove a Bentley, bought a $64,000 watch and carried a black suitcase stuffed with cash he doled out as kickbacks, according to the feds.

Andrew Rubinstein, aka Andrei Rubinsteyn, was the quiet one, and so far, little information has emerged about him. His attorney said Rubinstein is a widower who is raising his 15-year-old daughter alone since his wife died from a stroke a year ago.


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