Mods Bringing Old GTA Cities To Grand Theft Auto V

A recent breakthrough in the Grand Theft Auto V modding scene has opened up a world of possibilities. Or worlds, I suppose I should say.

GTA V modder NTAuthority has come up with a method of adding custom maps to the PC version of the game using a client called “FiveM.” It’s still early right now, but people are already working on converting old GTA mods and locales—for instance, cityscapes from Grand Theft Auto IV—into concrete playgrounds for GTA V.

As a proof of concept, NTAuthority put out his own map: an up-close-and-personal version of 1960s London from the original Grand Theft Auto’s pseudo-expansion(s), Grand Theft Auto: London. That’s what you’re seeing in the screenshot up top. The map uses the same assets as its low poly predecessor, so it looks a little out of place. But then, that’s kinda the idea here. Throwback appeal, retro chic, we are all growing older every nanosecond of every day and will die soon, etc.


Mods Bringing Old GTA Cities To Grand Theft Auto V

The mod community is, as you might expect, ecstatic. Previously, modders figured out how to alter character models, weapons, and abilities, but the game world was off-limits to their trickster god brand of technical wizardry. Expect a lot of really interesting mods in the coming days and weeks. And probably some dumb ones too, because come on: we’re talking about the community that brought us a gun that fires cars instead of bullets and the Internet’s favorite sky whale.

Thanks to Ash Rogers for the tip.

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