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Posted: Monday, June 29, 2015

One look at the fifth-generation Audi A4 and you might think that everything old is new again. After all, the A4’s shape is much more evolutionary than a revolution for the mainstay of the compact executive class.

But the new A4’s shape sits on a vastly revised platform that Audi says has shed as much as 264.6 pounds over the outgoing model and that the new car is a downright slippery 0.23 coefficient of drag. Perhaps, then, we can forgive this A4 for looking shockingly like the outgoing model that’s been around for almost eight years. And even the newer elements to the design are broadly ripped from other recent Audis.

In Germany at least, the A4 gets seven engines from launch. Four TDIs range from 150 to 272 horsepower, with the TFSI gas engines going from 190 to 252 horsepower. A 190-horsepower TDI is also destined for North America for the first time. These engines are motivated by a six-speed manual, seven-speed S-tronic dual-clutch or eight-speed automatic. The most efficient A4, the 150-horse TDI Ultra sedan, is capable of 95 g/CO2 per kilometer, according to Audi. And even the Avant TDI Ultra comes in at 99 grams.

Models above 190 horsepower are slated to get the Audi drive select system this time, as well.

Of particular note is the level of gadgets now available on the A4. The Audi virtual cockpit that debuted on last year’s TT is present here, with a 12.3-inch TFT display taking up the instrument panel – and an 8.3-inch center display also comes with the top-end Audi MMI system. Also on the A4 are the Matrix LED headlamps that first showed up on the A8 a couple of years ago (and that will also likely stay out of the U.S. for legal reasons).

A new Bang & Olufsen audio system with “3D sound” features 755 watts and 19-speakers, and your kids can use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to connect their music to that potentially tremendous sound setup.

Expect to see the A4 on sale in global markets beginning towards the end of the year. Look for the S4 and Allroad variants in the coming months.

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