Obama aims to boost electric cars, charging stations – The Hill

Posted: Friday, July 22, 2016

The Obama administration is rolling out a suite of efforts aimed at increasing the use of electric cars and access to charging infrastructure for them.

The White House unveiled a series of actions across federal agencies Thursday around electric cars and charging stations, and brought together dozens of employers to commit to increasing infrastructure.

The charging station deployment efforts are meant to solve the “range anxiety” problems that continue to plague current and potential electric car owners.

Battery technology still greatly limits the distance the vehicles can travel, necessitating a strong charging network to make the cars practical.

Under the initiatives announced Thursday in a White House fact sheet, the Department of Energy is putting aside up to $4.5 billion for loans and loan guarantees to companies for innovative charging facility projects.

The Energy and Transportation departments are teaming up to develop a guide for the federal government’s electric vehicle and charging infrastructure efforts like financing and funding.

The administration is also putting resources into designating corridors and networks for car charging, including asking local officials for their input on where alternative fuel corridors should be named.

On the vehicle side, the administration is offering help to local governments with municipal vehicle fleets that want to switch to electric vehicles. The White House is also planning to host this fall a “hackathon” centered on bringing together technology experts to collaborate on vehicle technology.


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