Project CARS: Delayed to perfection – Red Bull

Posted: Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Much has come to pass in the world of Project CARS since we first interviewed Slightly Mad Studios back in 2013. Originally scheduled for release last November, the game was delayed until March 2015 in order to polish the final product and avoid the super-competitive Christmas rush – the time of year when most big publishers dump their product on the market in the hope of festive sales. This was hard enough to bear for those who had hoped to find the game in their stocking from Santa, but there was more bad news to come – when 2015 arrived, it was revealed that Project CARS would incur another delay to April. As if to prove all things come in threes, that date has now been shifted to mid-May.

Since the delay, the grid has become a little more crowded. We’ve seen next-gen racers in the shape of The Crew, Forza Horizon 2 and DriveClub, all of which could be seen as swallowing up the market share that should really have belonged to Project CARS.

However, speaking exclusively to Red Bull, Slightly Mad’s creative director Andy Tudor is unconcerned, insisting that he and his team are committed to making their own game as polished as possible, rather than worrying about what their rivals are up to. “Whilst we keep an eye on the competition, we don’t let them lead us,” he says.

“That’s never been our attitude and is why Project CARS innovates in so many ways; such as its free-from career mode, removal of ‘grinding’ cash or XP systems, dynamic time of day and weather, support for 12K resolution and virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, and performance at 1080p, 60fps – not to mention its multi-platform approach.” That’s without getting into the nitty gritty of the game’s clever physics, including its Seta Tire Model (STM) which carefully simulates the physics of the exact point of wheel contact with the track at any point, and even the heat transfer between rubber, frame and brakes.


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