SEPTA removes dozens of Market-Frankford Line rail cars due to cracks –

Posted: Monday, February 06, 2017
SEPTA began running shuttle buses to supplement service during peak hours on its Market-Frankford Line on Monday morning, after removing more than three dozen rail cars.

Over the weekend, cracks in what are called the body bolster, or support beam, were discovered in two cars, prompting the agency to remove other cars that showed signs of similar issues.

A SEPTA spokesman confirmed up to 40 cars would be taken off line starting Monday morning. That’s down from the 144 needed during peak hours.

Joe Coccio from the Transport Worker’s Union spoke to Action News by phone Sunday night about the dangers of having a crack in the main load carrying beam.

“It could not be any worse. That is the part of the car, that is the most important part of the car that keeps the wheels to the body and the wheels on the track,” said Coccio.

Last summer, SEPTA pulled one-third of the Regional Rail’s fleet after a structural defect was discovered. SEPTA says they will have additional buses to supplement the car shortage on the trains.

“It’s frustrating, but not unexpected anymore,” said Jack Presby of Port Richmond. “It’s like what’s next?”

Word spread fast Sunday among loyal SEPTA riders.

“That’s usually how it is with SEPTA isn’t it?” said Leon Chan of Northeast Philadelphia.

“There’s no way. That’s how I get to work everyday,” said Kierstin Carroll of Wyoming.

But riders worry about their commute.

“I’m probably going to have to leave a couple hours earlier. My job doesn’t care. If i’m late or anything, they don’t care. You got to be there, you got to be there,” said Darren Thomas of Northeast Philadelphia.

SEPTA officials say it’s unclear how long the rail cars will be out of service, but they are asking commuters to give themselves extra time to get to their destinations.

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