The Giulia means Alfa Romeo is relevant again – for the first time in a generation –

Posted: Saturday, August 12, 2017

You can’t call yourself a petrolhead unless you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo, or so the saying goes. It’s a sentiment that I was first exposed to while watching Top Gear, several years before I was old enough to drive, and I remember being utterly baffled by it.

As an embryonic ‘petrolhead’ I was already besotted with several manufacturers, but Alfa Romeo wasn’t one of them. Subaru and Mitsubishi had captured my imagination on the world’s rallying stages, Aston Martin was (as far as I was concerned) the pinnacle of cool, and the German brands were making cars that I thought looked brilliant.

I even remember having an Audi TT as my desktop wallpaper. But Alfa? The brand meant nothing to me.


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