The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

We all loathe sitting in traffic, but usually there’s no way to get around it. Just be thankful you probably don’t have to spend your time navigating gridlock in one of these ten cars.

10.) Diesel/Manual Dodge Ram

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

Without a huge boat or some other decently-sized load behind one of these gargantuan trucks, you might quickly find yourself in the ass-end of the car directly in front of you as you let off the brakes and drop into gear. What else might you expect from a truck with 900 lb-ft of torque?


Reader As Du Volant knows how tedious dealing with traffic can be in these rigs.

With a diesel and a stick shift. Has a very stiff clutch and so much torque that it’s just about impossible to handle stop and go traffic without riding the clutch and/or lurching like crazy every time you need to move. Plus it’ll rattle your skull while you’re sitting.…

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Dodge


9.) A Tuner Car Modified With An Extremely Heavy Clutch And A Lightweight Flywheel

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

You don’t know impossible manual driving until you’ve driven a car with an extremely heavy clutch and a lightweight flywheel. Keeping the revs in the right place is not just a challenge, it’s usually near impossible. There’s a reason why aftermarket parts like these are left for “track-use only.”

Suggested By: Mr Jinkins, Photo Credit: via Jalopnik

8.) Lamborghini Countach

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

Rear visibility? Nope.

Insanely heavy clutch? Yep.

Monstrous body? Yep.

Claustrophobic cabin? You bet.

Would you constantly be fighting the extreme urge to unleash the power and roar of the mighty Lamborghini V12? Undoubtedly.…

Suggested By: Labcoatguy, Photo Credit: via Flickr

7.) A City Bus

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

Buses are one of the only ways to get from Point A to Point B for those of us hopelessly stuck in city environments. That really blows, because standing on a hot, crowded public bus is one of the least enjoyable things known to the world of transportation.

It definitely doesn’t help when the bus is stuck in stop and go traffic and all the occupants are thrown forward and back each time the bus driver comes to a stop.

Suggested By: ThisFoolBeFreddy, Photo Credit: Tony Webster via Flickr

6.) Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

When the former Top Gear trio scavenged Europe to find some of the world’s best driving roads, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond chose very comfortable (read: air conditioned) supercars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo and a Porsche 911 GT3RS. James May’s choice was a bit different. May chose an Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24, a full on road legal track car.

Though it probably wasn’t the most pleasant place to be out of the three chosen cars, May made do.

You can’t expect anything more (or less) from a car like the V8 Vantage N24. The car has almost no interior, sound deadening pieces, or air conditioning. The extremely stiff suspension probably doesn’t help it sitting somewhere like Lincoln Tunnel traffic, either.

Suggested By: Nick, Photo Credit: christianb_7 via Wikipedia

5.) A Taxi Cab

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

If you live in a city, you’ve probably spent some time watching the numbers on a taximeter climb while pedestrians on the street walk faster than you. It’s a horrible sensation, and the only solution is usually to get out and walk. Or you could take the bus, but we all know how that can go.

Suggested By: Matthew5909, Photo Credit: Till Krech via Flickr

4.) Manual Semi Trucks

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

Dealing with smaller cars always trying to drive around you, the headaches that come with whatever cargo you’re hauling, and the finicky transmissions and innumerable gear changes to stay rolling forward are all very familiar realities to many truck drivers. Where do they get all this patience?

Suggested By: BigNSlow EH, Photo Credit: Richard Smith via Flickr

3.) Dodge Viper

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

With an 8.3 (or more) liter engine, you’’re going to have to deal with the excessive amount of heat that that massive motor produces. And it surely doesn’t help when the Viper’s exhaust is channeled through a side exit right behind your door. This of course leads to much of the exhaust heat soaking into the cabin. Not exactly a flawless design.

If you often find yourself driving at extremely low speeds, this might not be the car for you. Unless you love being baked to death in hot ovens. Then go for your Viper.

Suggested By: Jcarr, Photo Credit: Robin Corps via Flickr

2.) Ferrari F40

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

The Ferrari F40 is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things equipped with four wheels to roll upon Earth. But it likes rolling fast, not at speeds like 5 MPH in awful city traffic, as this reader details.

Dig my stupid plexiglass windows that only open 3 inches.

Dig my lack of A/C.

Dig my lack of power-steering and door handles.

Dig my temperamental Mid Mounted Twin Turbo V8.

Dig my lack of stereo.

Dig my heavy clutch and my cumbersome transmission.

Dig my hot, suede seats.

Dig my hot, felt dash.

Dig my hot, leather rimmed steering wheel.

Dig my lack of interior space.

Dig my boiling hot carbon fiber sill surrounds.

Dig my loud, screechy brakes.

Dig my droning engine sound.

Anticipate… The open road.

Suggested By: The-Ever-Socially-Apathetic, Photo Credit: Miguel Mendez via Flickr

1.) M35 Deuce And A Half

The Ten Worst Cars For Sitting In Traffic

Sure, big military trucks like the M35 Deuce and a Half rule off the beaten path, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck behind the wheel of one in any sort of congested roadway situation. Driving one through traffic with no A/C and their insufferable clutch must be a complete nightmare.

Suggested By: SteveLehto, Photo Credit: Man vyi via Wikipedia

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