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Posted: Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Manhart, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to do something to the BMW M2. In honour of its 30 years in the performance tuning business, the German company decided that no, the quite-fun BMW M2 isn’t nearly powerful, nor gold, nor carbonfibre-y enough for the modern world.

So it’s changed things. Step forward the Manhart MH2 630. Yup, a modified, gold BMW. Ready your finest Austin Powers lines here.

The latter part of that moniker indicates the metric horsepower, which in real money means 621bhp. That’s 250bhp over a standard M2; a pumpedup littler car not really wanting for more power.

Manhart achieved this by ripping out the M2’s 3.0-litre engine – which itself uses the pistons and bearings from the M3/M4 – and fitting the entire biturbo lump from the BMW M4 proper. Which can provide 425bhp in basic form.

Then came Manhart’s own turbos and intercoolers, along with a stainless steel sports exhaust system, big brakes, and carbon fibre goodies. Count ‘em: the bonnet, front splitter, diffuser, spoiler and sills. The inside is treated to Alcantara with gold contrast stitching, an Alcantara steering wheel, Recaro sports seats and a special display. There are big wheels and tyres. And, as you can quite clearly see with your own eyes, there is gold. Everywhere.

We have no idea on the price of this conversion, but we do have an idea of just how fast it might go. Clue: very. Though traction might be a small, niggling issue.

Nonetheless, let us know what you think of a modified, gold BMW M2 below. And if all that gold and power has made you a little giddy, here are ten things you need to know about the positively sedate (in comparison), standard BMW M2. It’s rather good.


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