VW and Audi give back Green Car of the Year awards – Los Angeles Times

Posted: Thursday, October 01, 2015

For the environmental black marks they’ve received, Volkswagen and Audi have been asked to give up the green.

The two car companies, embroiled in a widening scandal for their part in cheating on auto diesel emissions tests, have lost the prestigious Green Car of the Year Awards they won for their 2009 Jetta TDI and 2010 Audi A3 TDI.

The two “clean” diesel vehicles are included in a batch of 11 million cars worldwide that VW has admitted are fitted with a “defeat device” designed to trick emissions testing. Both vehicles are on the list of cars the Environmental Protection Agency has charged with emitting as much as 40 times the permitted levels of dangerous pollutants.

That batch of cars includes diesels fitted with 4-cylinder engines built by VW, among them  2009 to 2015 VW Jetta, Golf, Passat and Beetle cars, plus the Audi A3.

The awards were taken away by Green Car Journal, whose editor and publisher announced his decision Tuesday night.

“Rescinding the Green Car of the Year awards for the VW Jetta TDI and Audi A3 TDI is unfortunate but appropriate,” said Ron Cogan.


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