Want to buy a Bugatti Chiron? Here’s how – Top Gear

Posted: Wednesday, July 27, 2016

In that sense, there is a certain truth to the notion that the Chiron will sell itself, but that doesn’t mean Bugatti can do without special areas to meet its clients. Since opening its own showroom in Amsterdam in February it has sold eight Chirons in the Netherlands alone; a massive jump compared to previous years.

Given the price tag of the new car, you might think that Bugatti would want some proof of finance in order to separate those with a genuine interest in buying from those looking for a cheeky test drive.

But that’s not how it operates. Instead, salespeople engage in a subtle art of deduction to sniff out potential customers, and after building a relationship with clients, the means to purchase become clear.

“We know our customers are, on average, car collectors,” says Stefan Brungs, who sits on Bugatti’s marketing board. “They have more than forty cars in their collection, and more than two aeroplanes. They have several yachts, and they have art collections and real estate around the world. So it’s quite easy to see if the customer is prequalified.”

So unless you’ve got blagging skills worthy of Hustle, there’s little chance you’ll land an invite to the factory in Molsheim, even if the non-requirement of an eye-watering bank statement looks like a loophole.


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