Why you’ll never be late again – if you drive a BMW – Telegraph.co.uk

Posted: Wednesday, August 03, 2016

If this chilling vision is enough to put you off ever buying a BMW, then Furse puts a calmer, more positive case as to why you might want to sign up for this wholly free service – even the SIM cards are free for life.

“For rival services,” he says, “by the time you get in the car, it will be too late. And you won’t need to tell BMW about your normal journeys, it learns day to day and after two or three times, it will become regular. And, as soon as you get into the car, your phone will pair with the system.”

That information will also transfer between BMW models using ConnectedDrive, so the next car will take on the responsibility of reminding you about the school run or┬áPilates class. It will also text ahead, warning colleagues if you are likely to be late. There’s even a tie up with Amazon Echo, a voice-activated home-based technology, popular in the States, but which has been slow to catch on in Europe. ConnectedDrive has been fully operational in the US since March and is already on its fourth generation flashed to cars via the internet.


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