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Posted: Friday, March 25, 2016

Acura’s most popular—and crucial—vehicle remains the MDX, its mid-sized SUV. So it’s only logical that it would be the next to receive the company’s vaunted three-motor hybrid powertrain. That system debuted in the RLX flagship sedan in 2014 but also serves as the technological centerpiece of the new NSX supercar. It uses one motor integrated into the engine in typical hybrid fashion, while the other two power either the front wheels (in the NSX) or the rear wheels (in the RLX).
This refresh of the MDX deploys the RLX variant, with the electric motors in the back and a 3-liter V6 up front. Though the engine is smaller than the non-hybrid’s 3.5-liter, the net horsepower is up from 300 to 325, courtesy of the electric power. The result in the SUV should be every bit as effective (and fun) as in its other applications, with super-precise, torque vectoring, all-wheel-drive for supremely stable cornering and traction. (It’ll also enjoy a not-insignificant seven mpg boost in city driving, up to 25 mpg.) Throw in standard “Acura Watch” semi-autonomous driving, some sheet metal fine-tuning, optional second-row captain’s chairs, and larger 20-inch wheels, and you’ve got a powerful roster of upgrades.


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