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Posted: Thursday, July 14, 2016

By Andrew DePietro/GOBankingRates

In some ways, buying a car is easier than ever. You can search car dealers’ prices online, sift through various models, compare features and read customer reviews. But in other ways, buying a vehicle today can be more complex — and expensive.

“There are different types of transmissions, engines and accessories to consider as well as how much these features cost,” said Chris Kochis of the Ardmore Nissan car dealership in Pennsylvania.

To help you save money, time and effort, GOBankingRates compiled a list of the best vehicles you can own for $300 a month or less. Keep in mind, however, that your credit score will often impact the interest rate on your car loan and your monthly car payment. In general, the higher your credit score, the less you’ll have to pay each month.

So if you want to find a good deal on a car, click through to see some of the best vehicles you can own for less than $300 a month.

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