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Posted: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Driving the XC90 is like getting a taste of the future. The center console is shaped like an iPad and is controlled with flicks of your finger. It takesa  little getting used to, but once you get it, it becomes easier. More important are the driver assistance tools, which show off the best iterations of today’s automated driving technology. Like many cars on the road, the XC90 comes with adaptive cruise control, which is like regular cruise control except it can sense when a car is in front of you and will slow you down. Yes, a lot of cars have this available, but we thought Volvo’s version was the most sophisticated we’ve test driven. Many other systems are crude, reacting too wildly to other cars on the road. Volvo’s system is smooth and trustworthy.

It also comes with an advanced lane keeping technology, which aided us going around curves. And its self-parking tech was also among the most advanced (although still not perfect. Yahoo Tech editor David Pogue got into a little fender bender when testing the parking the XC90 on our last day of testing.)


So, it came down to price. Could we name a car that most people can’t afford our Ride of the Year? Ultimately, we decided yes, because the technology in this vehicle will start trickling down to cheaper cars in the coming years. And given the recent study that came out showing that the previous XC90 was one of a handful of cars that had zero fatalities in the course of four years.

That kind of safety record, we figure, is something worth paying for. Congratulations to Volvo for making a pretty awesome SUV and being named our 2016 Yahoo Autos Ride of the Year.


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