Audi wants its connected cars to improve the breed – Ars Technica

Posted: Friday, September 23, 2016

MUNICH—The recent tech extravaganza put on by Audi didn’t just involve virtual reality. The Ingolstadt-based OEM also had plenty of automotive UX bits to show us, from infotainment systems found in its latest vehicles to ideas for a future in which your car plays a central role in organizing your life. Obviously these future developments are built off the hope that the cars will be connected.

Yes, we know many of you hate the idea of connected cars. But in addition to relatively obvious benefits for the end user—things like preventative maintenance alerts—connecting cars also means Audi will be able to benefit from the same approach that Tesla has been using to better understand the needs of its customers. And, in this case, we’re relatively confident in saying the automaker is taking issues like privacy and security seriously.


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