BMW M760Li xDrive Ad Banned in Britain for ‘Condoning Irresponsible Driving’ – The Drive

Posted: Thursday, April 27, 2017

The BMW M760Li xDrive has run into another snag. Just a day after reporting on an engine-related recall for the not-M7, BMW has reportedly been forced to issue another recall of sorts. 

Back in January, BMW ran a print ad in Great Britain’s Telegraph Magazine promoting the fastest accelerating car BMW’s ever built—the M760Li xDrive. Appropriately, the tagline BMW used communicated the “velvet hammer” thesis of the V-12 executive sedan pretty well, reading: “Luxury just lost its manners.” 

British advertising watchdog Advertising Standards Authority, also known as ASA, apparently did not like this at all, and banned the ad from running again. Since The Drive is a proudly American organization and hasn’t seen Telegraph, here it is (with credit to Reddit user BitTheCoin):


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