Budget 2017 UK – Chancellor avoids diesel scrappage scheme despite increased pressure – Express.co.uk

Posted: Wednesday, March 08, 2017

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has recently increased pressure on the Governement to introduce a scrappage scheme for diesel cars, to tackle the air pollution problem.

If the Government pays attention to, the money offered to diesel drivers will be around £3,500 with an additional £2,000 offered to low-income families. 

However, the Government could opt to follow the French scheme where a is offered to ease the transition. 

The value of diesel cars could deplete significantly if a scrappage scheme is put in place in the UK. 

It is unclear why the Chancellor did not mention a plan to reduce the amount of diesel cars on UK roads. 

However, Hammond did outline a plan to keep Britain at the forefront of ‘disruptive technologies’ investing £270 million into driverless cars, and robotics. 

A further £690 million will be invested in reducing urban congestion, £90million was also handed to the North to tackle transport projects and £23million to the Midlands. 


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