Cars from ‘Wayne’s World’ sculpture for sale on eBay –

Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2017

March 9 (UPI) — The last surviving cars from a famous suburban Chicago “Spindle” sculpture featured in the film Wayne’s World are for sale on eBay.

The cars, a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle and a 1976 BMW, have been in the Berwyn Arts Council’s possession ever since the Spindle, a sculpture featuring eight cars impaled on a giant spike, was taken down by the owners of Cermak Plaza shopping center in 2008.

The council is selling the cars, which don’t have engines or seats, on eBay.

The cars, believed to be the only surviving pieces of the sculpture, are being sold as a set. Each features at least one missing window and 26-inch holes in their roofs and floors where they were impaled.

“We do not have the pole that they were mounted on,” the eBay listing reads. “All proceeds go to the Berwyn Arts Council, and will be used to support artists, arts organizations and arts education in the Berwyn Illinois area.”

“We’re hoping someone can restore them, ideally as they were when Dustin Shuler made the sculpture in 1989, or as a second option, get them back on the road,” John Fey, 70, a board member of the arts group, told the Chicago Tribune.

The sculpture was installed in 1989 and was prominently featured in the 1992 comedy Wayne’s World.


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