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Posted: Thursday, January 09, 2014

LAS VEGAS — I’m not an auto journalist, but I know a good drive, and my test drive of the BMW i3 was a whole lot of fun.

The all-electric car is on display here at CES 2014, touting the tech on display inside and outside the car. We took it for a spin through the streets of Vegas here, and out into the dirt of the desert.

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Three things you need to know:

— The car will be on sale in May, for just over $40,000.

— You can go for around 100 miles until you need to charge.

— Take your foot off the gas pedal, and the car nearly stops.

So, the good: the i3 drives like a cool sports car, with major acceleration, and that’s great. We made fast turns, zoomed quickly, thundered through the dirt, braked quickly, all fun stuff.

The car is comfy, and was a total joy to cruise — if you can get used to the gas/brake thing, which I eventually did.

We chatted with Jose Guerro, the product manager for the car, on our CES Live webcast here from the show, and he told me the target audience for the i3 is commuters.

“In the U.S., we’re really looking at the mega-cities and surrounding suburban areas,” he said. “The car is really designed for such nimble, quick steering and just quick acceleration environment.”

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