Charlie Hebdo’s UK distribution partners play-down security risk –

Posted: Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The headquarters of the German tabloid, the Hamburger Morgenpost, were
firebombed after the paper decided to reprint the most controversial of
Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon back catalogue.

Speaking about the security arrangements for the distribution of the upcoming
edition, a spokesman for one of the firms involved said he was not aware of
any specific threats.

“I think most of the papers have covered it and some have used the
cartoons and some haven’t but I don’t think there’s necessarily a security
threat, touch wood,” said a spokesman for Comag, a niche magazine

“It hasn’t dissuaded anyone from publishing it or distributing it.”

“At the moment it’s only about 200 copies with a sort of London focus.
Possibly a thousand maximum – we don’t necessarily know yet,” said the

“They’ll be distributed within the normal channels. We don’t usually
bring it over, this is a one-off, the survivors’ issue, that they’ve
contacted us because there’s not really a call for. We don’t usually
distribute the normal weekly one.”

“I think they’ll sell well, just as a collectors’ piece. And to show

The edition will be priced at £3.50 in the UK.

One of Britain’s largest newspaper distributors, Menzies, will also be
responsible for getting the commemorative issue to the nation’s newsstands.

“I can confirm that Menzies Distribution will handle supplies of the
upcoming Charlie Hebdo special edition,” said the firm’s head of
communications Dave Shedden.

“We don’t expect to face particular (security) issues, but we will take
whatever precautions our security team believe are sensible to ensure the
safety of our employees.”

The edition which is expected to be released on January 14 will see 1 million
copies sent to newsagents across France and the rest of the world.


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