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Posted: Monday, August 24, 2015

ELMIRA, Ore. – Classic and luxury car fans had a field day Sunday for the Concours on the Green Car Show. The vehicles on display are many owners’ pride and joy. But they wouldn’t be show-worthy if it weren’t for regular maintenance and upkeep.

“Probably one of the three most famous cars in European racing history,” said Norm Thomas as he showed off his 1922 Delage.

This silver bullet set the record for hill climbing, a race through steep hills and hairpin turns back in the day. No one could beat the Delage’s record until the 1950s.

It was a workhorse, so what’s the secret to keeping the rig looking brand new?

This champion car was restored by a Eugene man named Chuck Foster.

“People say he wore out his fingers doing that. And he may have,” Thomas said.

The Delage was one of the many classic cars on display at the Concours on the Green at LaVelle Vinyards. All the vehicles looked like they were fresh off the lot, but many hours of hard work went into the cars to make them look like new.

“If they try to parcel it out, the next thing they know, they’re not happy with the work. So if you want to be happy with the work, you do it yourself,” said Ken Check, classic car owner.

It may be hard to find the perfect people to restore the historic hot rods, but finding parts creates an even greater challenge.

“As I always say, you can rebuild a car or build a car virtually if you have a frame, from parts,” Check said.

Check said that Ford cars are easier to restore because there are more reproduced parts. However, Studebakers are a different story.

“These seats, my interior, these are all new. This is made from as close as material as close as possible from the original factory,” he said.

All of the proceeds from Concours on the Green went to Court Appointed Special Advocates, also known as CASA.


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