The ability to tweak graphics settings largely remains the domain of PC gamers. Project Cars is proving to be an exception to that, as it will offer players on Xbox One and PS4 some control over various visual effects.

As first discovered by Digital Foundry, these versions include a “Visual FX” settings menu, as pictured below. Tweakable options include post-processing filters, lens flare, rain drops, screen dirt, bloom, and a number of other things you’d ordinarily have to accept as-is when playing on console.

In a separate menu dedicated to camera settings, there are also field-of-view settings for each of the different camera angles in the game, as well as options dictating the amount of movement that happens with the driver’s helmet.

Speaking with GameSpot, creative director Andy Tudor explained why the studio went out of its way to offer these options.

“Console owners should have just as much right to tailor their game to their particular preferences as PC players,” Tudor says, “whether that’s authenticity, visual options, how the camera reacts, accessibility etc.

“The racing genre is pretty mature at this point and many console racing fans are therefore eager to for this kind of additional depth, plus the racing genre is also very broad meaning this kind of personalization will allow fans of both traditional racing games on consoles and veteran PC sim racing titles to feel right at home.”

Following a seemingly endless number of delays, Project Cars now has a “guaranteed” release date of May 7 on PC and May 12 on Xbox One/PS4. (In the UK, it’s May 8 for all three). The Wii U version remains without a release date.