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Posted: Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Before you buy a new car, you want to make sure you’ll be happy with it.

A good way to tell is to ask owners if they’d buy their car again. Consumer Reports does that for you, surveying 350,000 car owners. Here are the most and the least loved cars out of nearly 300 covered in the survey.

Frank Cupo loves his Corvette and is buying another high-performing Corvette Stingray to take out on the track.

“When you’re in that car and you hit the road, you just feel great,” Cupo said.

Consumer Reports’ survey shows 95 percent of Corvette owners said they’d buy a Corvette Stingray again making it the best-loved sports car.

Mazda also has a loyal following. Eighty-one percent of Mazda6 owners said they’d definitely buy it again, and Mazda3 owners are also enthusiastic.

“Mazda is really on the rise in terms of owner satisfaction because of great fuel economy and a sporty driving experience,” said Jake Fisher of Consumer Reports.

The Subaru Forester is the best-loved small SUV and for midsized SUVs, the Toyota Highlander V6.

The best-loved car of all is the Tesla Model S. Ninety-eight percent of owners said they’d definitely buy it again.

Then there are the least-loved cars. The Nissan Versa is down at the bottom. Only 42 percent of owners said they’d re-up.

“It’s noisy. The ride is jumpy, and the interior, it feels cheap,” Fisher said.

Others at the bottom of Consumer Reports’ owner-satisfaction list are the Jeep Compass at 43 percent and the Kia Rio at 46 percent.

Not much better, the Nissan Pathfinder. Only 52 percent of current owners said they’d definitely buy the Pathfinder again.

Hybrid owners are especially happy with their cars, according to the Consumer Reports’ survey. The Honda Accord Hybrid is the best-loved midsized; the Chevrolet Volt, the best-loved compact; and the Toyota Prius C is the best-loved subcompact.

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