Consumer Reports names the year’s best and worst cars –

Posted: Thursday, September 03, 2015

Consumer Reports (CR)
has revealed its picks for the best new car models of 2015. At the same time, the magazine also listed the vehicles that are in need of improvement.

Vehicles must endure over 50 assessments and are tested for months on the open road by CR reviewers in order to determine the most accurate consumer experience. CR says its rigorous tests give a strong sense of which cars, trucks, and SUVs can meet consumers’ needs.

Jeff Bartlett, cars deputy content editor for Consumer Reports, shed some light on how the magazine made its picks.

“To stand out as a ‘best’ car, a model has to excel across the board in the factors that matter most to consumers, from dynamics to packaging,” Bartlett told in an email. “In the process, the best cars will shine in our overall road test—a composite of more than 50 individual tests—while setting benchmarks in their respective classes.”

And the cars recognized as the “worst”?

“Those models that made the ‘worst’ list are the disappointing debuts that fell short on performance in CR’s tests, scoring below average,” said Bartlett. “Conventional wisdom would have that new cars are at a competitive advantage, but the worst cars are not even competitive against models that are years old.”

Overall, it was a good year for Volkswagen and Subaru. Both automakers had two models represented in Consumer Reports
’s “best” category.

But not all tested vehicles are winners. Consumer Reports labeled four vehicles the “worst” of 2015. These vehicles were faulted for uncomfortable handling, low quality and confusing infotainment systems, and limited cabin space.

Check out Consumer Reports’s picks for the Best and Worst Cars of 2015.


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