Consumers still wary of self-driving cars despite auto industry excitement – Los Angeles Times

Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2016

If Ford, Volvo, GM and Uber are to be believed, self-driving cars will soon dominate our roads and car ownership will be a thing of the past.

If regular consumers are to be believed, automakers need to hold their horses, because people aren’t ready for a self-driving future. Those are the findings from a new survey commissioned by Kelley Blue Book, which polled 2,264 U.S. residents weighted to census figures by age, gender, ethnicity and location.

The results, published Wednesday, found that 80% of survey participants said people should “always have the option to drive themselves.” Sixty-four percent of respondents said they need to be in control of their own vehicle and 62% said they enjoy driving. 

When asked about fully autonomous cars — cars that drive themselves and do not have steering wheels or pedals — a third of respondents said they would never buy such a vehicle. That could be bad news for Google and other automakers currently at work on such products.


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