Cyclone damages the island of Vanuatu –

Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2015

(NBC) – Reports from the outer reaches of an island nation Northeast of Australia indicate some areas suffered complete devastation after tropical Cyclone Pam ripped through two days ago.

The current death toll of 24 will likely rise after rescue teams reach the 80 outlying islands.

The cyclone turned into a category five storm and one of the worst on record with winds of 185 miles an hour and a storm surge of 26 feet.

Aid is starting to arrive, but the need is massive, this Red Cross spokesman said more than half the population may need some kind of assistance.

“Many of the buildings, houses has been completely destroyed. More than 90 percent of the buildings have been destroyed”, said Barnard Lonsdale.

A massive cleanup is underway in the capital of port Vila, and people are trying to get out to buy supplies.

The most concern is for the people who live in areas in the south of the country, that sat under the eye of the storm for hours.

Some of those areas are still cut off after the storm.


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